Hi there,

I'm Robert Luo

Full Stack Developer

I am a web developer specializing in modern JavaScript. I enjoy spreading positivity and love being in the business of making the world better through building quality software.


  • 馃搶 React Pinpoint

    React 路 TypeScript 路 Next.js 路 Node.js 路 Express 路 Docker 路 Puppeteer 路 PostgreSQL 路 Sequelize 路 Tailwind CSS

    As a developer, I asked around the developer community to see what kind of pain points occur when developing React applications and a big one was measuring performance. I worked with a group of passionate developers and we built an open source utility library for measuring React component render times. Used in conjunction with Puppeteer.js to test render times against a specified threshold. Also provides a CLI to generate Docker files for performance testing without influence from hardware limitations.

  • 馃С Trip Packer

    React 路 JavaScript 路 Reach Router 路 Tailwind CSS 路 Webpack

    Whenever I'm off on a road trip or a weekend getaway, there's always this item that I always forget to pack. So I set out to create my own app to track all the items that I will be packing and check them off if they are packed. It was also another excuse to build something from scratch and practice my design skills. 馃檪

  • 鈿旓笍 GitHub Battlegrounds

    React 路 JavaScript 路 React Router 路 Webpack 路 HTML 路 CSS

    View the most popular repositories or battle your friends (or anyone) on GitHub! I wanted to see what I could do with the GitHub API and came up with a simple fun little algorithm to calculate the score of a user and practice some advanced React features such as context, suspense, higher-order components and code-splitting.

  • 馃惗 Wholesome Doggos

    Angular 路 TypeScript 路 Bulma 路 HTML 路 CSS

    I wanted more practice using directives and observables in Angular. I also wanted to try out the Bulma framework and play catch with some fancy animations. Plus, who doesn't like dogs?

  • 馃摑 Angular Forms Guide

    Angular 路 TypeScript 路 Bulma 路 HTML 路 CSS

    Handling user input with forms occur in many common applications. I wanted to dive deeper into the different ways of handling user input with forms in Angular so I created an interactive little demo to show what goes under the hood when a form is filled out along with some form validation.

  • 馃 Potato鈩 Landing Page

    JavaScript 路 HTML 路 CSS

    This was my first attempt at trying to code and style a design from scratch and putting my own personal spin on it. Hope it's somewhat appeeling. Made without using any external libraries. Fully responsive - supports mobile, tablet, and desktop sizes.

    Check out the original design here!